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Alaska Canvas Basics and Beyond

Ended Jan 30, 2023
1 credit

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Full course description

UAA ED 566

Canvas Beyond the Basics

Starts anytime Before Dec. 20, 2022

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CRN is 78119. ED 566.803


1 Credit, Graded P/NP ($79, speak to your district about reimbursement)

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Course Description: In this course, students will explore evidence-based methods for fostering student achievement by delivering engaging instruction using instructional technology, specifically a learning management system. Participants will explore the utilization of Canvas LMS's built-in tools to encourage creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication by focusing on activities in John Hattie's "Zone of Desired Effects."


Canvas learners will participate in the course asynchronously over 6 weeks, with a summative project that will demonstrate using Canvas to engage learners. Participants will have to complete three core modules and two elective modules. In addition to the course work in the Canvas course, educators will have to participate in one (at minimum) live Canvas workshop and schedule (at minimum two)  1:1 sessions with the Canvas Principal Learning Consultant. 


Prerequisite: It is expected that participants have a basic understanding of Canvas, and have a Canvas account with their school district or AKLearns.


Course Overview and Schedule


Due Date


Approx Time of Engagement

Course Overview

Week One


  • Understanding Course Structure

  • Prepare: Course Learning Goals

  • Activate: Evidence of Learning

  • Navigate: Meet your facilitator and create Your sandbox

  • Demonstrate: Earning credit 

  • Articulate: Introduce Yourself

4 Hrs

Core 1

Week One

Introduction to Canvas LMS & Student Engagement

  • Prepare: Using Canvas in the Classroom Overview

  • Activate: Learn about Visible Learning & Engagement Cycle 

  • Navigate: Visible Learning & Engagement to Canvas

  • Demonstrate: Quiz: Canvas Activities in the Zone of Desired Effects

  • Articulate: Reflecting on Visible Learning  3, 2, 1 Discussion


Core 2

Week Two

Course Design to Streamline Student Learning

  • Prepare: Course Design Overview

  • Activate: Connecting Course Design to Student Success

  • Navigate: Learn about Modules

  • Demonstrate: Make a Homepage 

  • Articulate: Schedule 1:1 session

8 Hrs

Elective 1



Canvas As a Communication Tool

  • Prepare: Canvas Communication tool Overview

  • Activate: Connecting Communication to Student Engagement

  • Navigate: Learn about Notifications, Announcements, and Calendar

  • Demonstrate: Quiz on Canvas Communication Tools. 

  • Articulate: Share with your peers your communication strategy on the Articulate Discussion Board.

6 Hrs


Week 3-5

Assessing Student Learning with Canvas (New Quizzes)

  • Prepare: Overview of New Quizzes

  • Activate: Quizzes:  Formative Evaluation Zone of Desired Effect. 

  • Navigate: Learn how to create a New Quiz

  • Demonstrate: Make a Quiz and Share with Learners. 

  • Articulate: Reflect on your Quiz and how it went on the Articulate Discussion Board. 

6 Hrs

Elective 3

Week 3-5

Using the Gradebook and Speedgrader for Feedback

  • Prepare: Overview of Gradebook and Speedgrader

  • Activate: Explore the Impact of Feedback on Student Achievement

  • Navigate: Tips and Tricks of Grading & Feedback

  • Demonstrate: Quiz on Gradebook and Speedgrader

  • Articulate: Give an example of how you have used feedback that is valid and actionable to a learner. *Culturally Responsive Feedback

6 Hrs

Elective 4 

Week 3-5

Using Canvas Studio

  • Prepare: Overview of Canvas Studio

  • Activate: Connecting Canvas Studio to Student Engagement.

  • Navigate: Canvas Studio Tips and Tricks

  • Demonstrate: Make a video

  • Acticulate: Participate in a Studio Workshop - Share two  tips you learned on Articulate Discussion Board.

6 Hrs

Core 3

Week 6

Final Project

  • Prepare: Overview of Final Project

  • Activate: Utilizing Zone of Desired Effects in Canvas to Engage Learners in Canvas. 

  • Navigate: Applying Best Practices in Canvas

  • Demonstrate: Creating a lesson using what you have learned.

  • Articulate: Create a video (3-5 minutes) of a lesson created in Canvas, and share on Articulate Discussion Board. 

12 Hrs


*Final paper/project due: Week 6

 Intended Audience: Alaskan Educators

Email with any questions.